February Update

Dear Parents,

Monday, February 12 is Family Day and a holiday. Students are encouraged to spend the day with their families, preferably doing outdoor activities.

We will be having our Valentine’s/Hundred Days party on February 14. I have asked that students bring some snacks that day because we will only be having samosas/paneer pakoras at lunch time. However, they should not be bringing any other junk food that day.

A would also like to remind students and parents that all lunches and snacks brought to school must be HEALTHY. Pizza will not be allowed except on Pizza Day, class parties, or a birthday party. Some students have been bringing pizza for lunch on a daily basis and this is NOT expectable.

Chinese New Year begins on February 16 and everyone is encouraged to attend the festivities in Vancouver. The students have been learning about diversity in their communities and this is a good opportunity for them to enrich their learning.

The students have been given a Math Strategies Booklet. The purpose of this book is to practice the strategies. There is one question per strategy for addition and subtraction. However, for each strategy, you may create additional questions for your child to practice. I KNOW that students are able to find the answer – that is NOT the purpose of the book. The purpose of the booklet is for students to SHOW me the various ways they can arrive at the answer. They should be reading each word problem carefully and showing me each step they took to arrive at the answer. The booklet is due Monday, February 26 not before.

Along with Math homework, the students should be reviewing ALL sight words on a daily basis. They should also be reading for at least 30 minutes a day. Students are also encouraged to keep a daily journal at home in which they should be writing about what they learn at school and reading it to their parents.

Thank you!


Spirit Week!

Hi Grade One,

It’s time to show some school spirit with the official start of Spirit Week.

The  week is as follows:

  • Monday: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday: Twin Day (The boys in our class have decided to wear blue jeans and their favourite shirts, and the girls have decided on blue shirts and black pants.)
  • Wednesday: Be Yourself Day
  • Thursday: Jersey/Sportswear Day
  • Friday: Superhero Day

There is no need to purchase anything for Spirit Week, so be creative!

Friday is also Pizza Day and the last day to hand in your order is Thursday, January 26.


Ms. H

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school! I hope everyone is ready for the start of a brand new year. We have lots of adventures and learning ahead of us this year in Grade 1.

First of all, this term will be our official reading term. As students become more confident in their reading skills, we will have guest readers read to the class. For homework, we will focus primarily on reading and book reports this term as a way to build our comprehension skills and love of reading!

There are also a few important dates to keep in mind for January as follows:

  • January 12 – Extended morning assembly
  • January 13 – Scholastic book orders due and last day for subway orders
  • January 18 – Subway Day
  • January 27 – Pizza Day
  • January 28 – Chinese New Year starts

As more events are planned, I will update this page.

Best of luck this year,

Ms. H

Last Week of Winter Term

Hi all,

As everyone is aware, winter break starts next week (December 19 to January 2). School will reopen January 3rd.


Our edible Christmas trees look very delicious!

Tomorrow will be early dismissal. Students will be going home at 12 and the parent teacher conferences begin at 1pm. You may also attend the Scholastic Book Fair tomorrow from 12-5pm. Proceeds from the fair go towards helping out school purchase more resources for the students. (As of December 13th, we have raised $700 so far and our school goal is $3000.)

On Thursday, our class will be going on a field trip for the whole day.

Finally, Friday is the Winter Assembly from 10:30 to 11:30 am. Our class will be performing “Jingle Bells.” They have practiced hard for this performance and would love for their families and friends to attend.

Our class is also having their term end class party on Friday. We are still looking for more food/beverages for the party. If you are able to donate some items, that would be great!

I really appreciate all the hard work the students have done this term and I wish them a happy holiday and a happy new year!!!! 


Ms. H

Spelling Bees!!!

The Grade Ones will be having a cumulative spelling test on December 8th. They will be required to review all the words from the past 4 weeks. For your reference, I have included the words below but they can also be found in the student planner.

  1. because
  2. play
  3. with
  4. they
  5. like
  6. day
  7. tomorrow
  8. again
  9. was
  10. number
  11. today
  12. some
  13. people
  14. first
  15. come
  16. about
  17. water
  18. down
  19. for
  20. done
  21. she
  22. been
  23. yesterday
  24. month
  25. move
  26. diversity
  27. holiday
  28. will
  29. what
  30. who
  31. know
  32. winter
  33. game
  34. then
  35. snow
  36. addition

On the day of the test, I will choose only 10 of these words at random which the students will be required to spell. Spelling tests will not be returned this week. Instead they will be filed in the student portfolios.

Best of luck,

Ms. H