My Year in a Minute

Hi all,

It’s been a long and very productive year, but I’ve got a few highlights to share:

1) I got hired as a Special Education Assistant for a private school. I was lucky enough to work for an entire term with an enthusiastic, creative, and unique bunch of learners!

2) I’m getting PUBLISHED! A short story that I wrote based on my experience working with English Language Learners is going to be published by Pearson in an textbook for university English courses. I am very, very excited. The textbook will be released in February 2015, which is still a bit of a wait but I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. (I will share more news about this closer to the publication date.)

3) I worked as a Teacher-on-Call for almost an entire year and survived! (Though in all honesty, my experience – which was challenging at times – was very rewarding as well.)

And there you have it…my top three! I can only hope that this school year, which had a rocky start with the BC Teacher’s Strike on September, will be equally as productive and open new venues for learning!

What are your three highlights of the past school year? What hopes do you have for the new school year?

K. Heer


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