October Wrap-Up

I’m a grade one teacher for the year! (And I’m really learning a whole lot about what that actually means, but thankfully I have some amazing colleagues!)

Luckily, my new class and I were able to start the year off right with a win in the Halloween door decorating department. The class voted on which Pinterest-inspired door they wanted to create and went to work. Here’s a glimpse of our award-winning door below:


Aren’t the mini-vamps adorable? The students did a great job!

The students’ did an amazing job despite the very busy and chaotic week at school. Plus, we rounded out our success with a trip to the pumpkin patch and Surrey Nature Centre. Completed a unit on living and non-living things, went on a nature scavenger hunt and had an all-round great month in October.

I’ll be posting some more resources and updates related to our adventures in grade one soon as we continue forward in our journey!

K. Heer 



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