Better Late than Never…It’s the November Wrap-Up

November was one very rainy month which, of course, meant a lot of inside recesses for my grade one class. I looked for different activity that would keep them busy, happy, and mainly out of trouble. We went through some failed art experiments and technologically-challenged movie showings, before I landed on the simplest and possibly the best solution of all – colouring sheets.

We alternated between what my class calls “girl” and “boy” colouring sheets – everything from Christmas trees, Frozen, and Superman were on the list.

Elsa and Anna from Frozen. A favourite among the girls in my class, and later the boys when I threatened to show their moms the work if they didn’t quit drawing the mustaches on these poor ladies!

I’ve discovered the best colouring sheets have a lot of little details to fill in because it keeps the class happily colouring with very few disruptions.

Feel free to share any fun inside activities that have worked for your class,

K. Heer


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