Superheroes, Ninjas, and Princesses…Oh, My!

January was an action-packed month for Grade 1B! We got to experiment with different methods of story telling. First, we had the classic prose narrative and the class wrote short stories featuring ninjas and princesses as main characters.


A fairy tale themed board for some very modern and funny stories!

The students worked extremely hard to edit and rewrite these stories to improve their writing and make changes for a more cohesive narrative. They were very pleased with the end result!

Later, we worked on another form of story-telling, this one more visual – the comic strip!


The students had quite a bit of fun creating this board. 🙂


A sample student (female) comic strip. A very new twist on Frozen!


I love the artistic detail in this student (male) work. The students were very engaged during this activity.

The students also helped create a Flash-themed board to present their comic strips on.

January was a writing-filled month, and the students have really improved their printing and narrative skills since last term!

Ms. Heer


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