The New Home Reading Program

Dear Grade 1B Students and Parents,

I handed out the new home reading folders today. The folders contain enough reading material for the students to read and re-read consistently everyday. I will collect the folders every few weeks to add new reading pages, but I will leave the old pages in the folder. Hopefully, the new reading program is more successful at maintaining a consistent schedule for the students.

I noticed that with the old program a lot of students would forget their folders or lose their books, and therefore were not reading everyday. My hope is with the new program students improve their reading daily.

Also, for those interested, some of the stories do come with comprehension questions and an answer key so if you get the chance you can also assess your child’s understanding at home. The questions can be found on Super Teacher Worksheets (though you need to be a member to access some material) and Little Worksheets (no membership to acquire the comprehension questions).

There are also some additional resources on K12 Reader and Kids Learning Station. If the new program works well for the majority of the students, I will be using some stories from these websites later.

You do need to download all the material on these pages to your computer to properly read them.

That’s all for now,

Ms. Heer


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