September WRAP UP!

Every September brings a new school year! I am excited to be working with first graders again this year and they are an energetic bunch. We’ve had a busy first month of school participating in various community building and educational activities…

The students built aliens out of play dough and created names for their outer space friends. The students were then able to share their alien friend with a classmate. The activity inspired their imaginations as well as promoting classroom team building.



The students also had some fun with fall-inspired art while learning about the season. In lieu of baking an apple pie, the students were able to create apple art with tissue paper.



However, beware the dangers of liquid glue if you decide to recreate this at home with your child.

The students also had a chance to explore the alphabet and engage their phonetic knowledge in various word building games.



A is for alligator! But the alphabet wasn’t the only thing on these first graders’ minds, as they also challenged themselves into creating repeating patterns.



The students started off with simple AB patterns before expanding their knowledge and creating more complex ones.

The students (and myself) had a fun-filled month in September and we are looking forward to the challenges of October.

Best of luck,

Ms. H


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