Frozen Planet

This image may only be used for publicity purposes in connection with the broadcast of the programme as licensed by BBC Worldwide Ltd & must carry the shown copyright legend. It may not be used for any commercial purpose without a licence from the rights holder. © Chadden HunterThe students are continuing to work on their Arctic Animals unit in Science. Because we are physically unable to visit the Arctic or the Antarctic, the students watched a documentary about the habitats of the different animals instead called Frozen Planet.

The documentary is very informative and covers many different animals – even ones that we will not be learning about in depth – and I highly recommend watching the first episode again with your child at home.

They are discussing the basic similarities and differences between the animals diets, habitats, appearances, and adaptations, etc. Our class is focusing their attention on penguins. polar bears, orcas, and arctic foxes.


20151118_110937The students recorded their observations from the film on Venn Diagrams which they then presented to other groups.

20151118_113839We compiled the different information from the presentations into a class Venn Diagram on the board.  The students are looking forward to learning more about polar bears and orcas this week!

Best regards,

M. H


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