Dance Project

The students in Grade One are working on improving their collaboration this term. To assess collaboration and physical education, the teachers have given the students a little project to work on.

In groups, the students will be creating a dance for One Direction’sDrag Me Down.”

The students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • Ability to work productively in groups
  • Participate actively as a member of a group and individual
  • Create an original dance that correlates to the mood of the song (ex: happy song means a happy dance, etc)
  • Translating key words from song lyrics into dance movements

The students will be graded holistically on these criterion as groups, though individual contributions will be taken into account, and this will be a part of their summative assessment for P.E. this term.

Of course, we do not expect the student performances to be perfect and mistakes will be made, but we are also looking for hard work and positive attitude as key factors that will affect their performance.

As an example of a good group performance, the students watched the music video for “Storm” by Korean band M.A.P6. The students analyzed and discussed their observations about how the members of the band used music and rhythm to time their movements and how different members were following the cues of the leader.

The students were also exposed to a variety of cultural music, and observed how different cultures use music in their lives.

I would like to wish the students luck on their performances in two weeks.


Ms. Heer


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