It’s a Wrap: September 2016

Congratulations Grade One on completing one month of school!

We had some great adventures in September.


The students worked on self-portraits and finished their first monthly write, about fall favourites. The portraits and monthly writes will be posted outside for the whole year. Every month a new written response by the students will go over the old one. The idea is to allow the students and the parents to see their progress in the school year.

In Language Arts, the students are going to finished reviewing their letter sounds before moving on to short vowel sounds.

In Math, we are reviewing numbers from 1-20, and will be starting patterns soon.

We have completed a unit on Living and Nonliving Things in Science,  but the students will be given some at-home projects to complete as a part of their review.

In Socials and Career Education, the students are learning about roles and responsibilities. They also completed a mini-project about themselves, which they will present to one another during the first week of October.

Wow, that was a lot of hard work on the part of the grade ones and once again I would like to congratulate them on their progress as a team!

Give yourselves a pat of the back boys and girls,

Ms. H


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