Spelling Bees!!!

The Grade Ones will be having a cumulative spelling test on December 8th. They will be required to review all the words from the past 4 weeks. For your reference, I have included the words below but they can also be found in the student planner.

  1. because
  2. play
  3. with
  4. they
  5. like
  6. day
  7. tomorrow
  8. again
  9. was
  10. number
  11. today
  12. some
  13. people
  14. first
  15. come
  16. about
  17. water
  18. down
  19. for
  20. done
  21. she
  22. been
  23. yesterday
  24. month
  25. move
  26. diversity
  27. holiday
  28. will
  29. what
  30. who
  31. know
  32. winter
  33. game
  34. then
  35. snow
  36. addition

On the day of the test, I will choose only 10 of these words at random which the students will be required to spell. Spelling tests will not be returned this week. Instead they will be filed in the student portfolios.

Best of luck,

Ms. H


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