February Update

Dear Parents,

Monday, February 12 is Family Day and a holiday. Students are encouraged to spend the day with their families, preferably doing outdoor activities.

We will be having our Valentine’s/Hundred Days party on February 14. I have asked that students bring some snacks that day because we will only be having samosas/paneer pakoras at lunch time. However, they should not be bringing any other junk food that day.

A would also like to remind students and parents that all lunches and snacks brought to school must be HEALTHY. Pizza will not be allowed except on Pizza Day, class parties, or a birthday party. Some students have been bringing pizza for lunch on a daily basis and this is NOT expectable.

Chinese New Year begins on February 16 and everyone is encouraged to attend the festivities in Vancouver. The students have been learning about diversity in their communities and this is a good opportunity for them to enrich their learning.

The students have been given a Math Strategies Booklet. The purpose of this book is to practice the strategies. There is one question per strategy for addition and subtraction. However, for each strategy, you may create additional questions for your child to practice. I KNOW that students are able to find the answer – that is NOT the purpose of the book. The purpose of the booklet is for students to SHOW me the various ways they can arrive at the answer. They should be reading each word problem carefully and showing me each step they took to arrive at the answer. The booklet is due Monday, February 26 not before.

Along with Math homework, the students should be reviewing ALL sight words on a daily basis. They should also be reading for at least 30 minutes a day. Students are also encouraged to keep a daily journal at home in which they should be writing about what they learn at school and reading it to their parents.

Thank you!


Last Week of Winter Term

Hi all,

As everyone is aware, winter break starts next week (December 19 to January 2). School will reopen January 3rd.


Our edible Christmas trees look very delicious!

Tomorrow will be early dismissal. Students will be going home at 12 and the parent teacher conferences begin at 1pm. You may also attend the Scholastic Book Fair tomorrow from 12-5pm. Proceeds from the fair go towards helping out school purchase more resources for the students. (As of December 13th, we have raised $700 so far and our school goal is $3000.)

On Thursday, our class will be going on a field trip for the whole day.

Finally, Friday is the Winter Assembly from 10:30 to 11:30 am. Our class will be performing “Jingle Bells.” They have practiced hard for this performance and would love for their families and friends to attend.

Our class is also having their term end class party on Friday. We are still looking for more food/beverages for the party. If you are able to donate some items, that would be great!

I really appreciate all the hard work the students have done this term and I wish them a happy holiday and a happy new year!!!! 


Ms. H

Fall Adventures…Pumpkins, Patterns and More!

Grade One students have been using their senses to explore the changes in the local environment around them. They have connected and recorded their observations through art, science, math and much more.

Fall Leaves. The students had a chance explore the outdoors with their Grade Three buddies and work toegther to complete some seasonal art.

Pumpkin Madness. The students participated in some descriptive writing exercises, art, and a pumpkin patch field trip in early Fall.

Patterns (and a pumpkin or two more…). It’s not Math if it’s fun! The phrase became our class motto this term as the students were having so much fun learning about patterns and how they were used in their daily lives.

I hope the happy learning continues,

Ms. H

Halloween Dance

The Grade 1 students will be performing in the Halloween assembly on October 31st. Parents are welcome to attend and support their child.

For homework today, the students need to practice their Halloween dance because we will not have enough practice time tomorrow due to the Earthquake drill.

The students will be performing their dance to the instrumental song, “Mad Scientist Ziggs” and it can be found on YouTube.

Best of luck,

Ms. H

Dance Project

The students in Grade One are working on improving their collaboration this term. To assess collaboration and physical education, the teachers have given the students a little project to work on.

In groups, the students will be creating a dance for One Direction’sDrag Me Down.”

The students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • Ability to work productively in groups
  • Participate actively as a member of a group and individual
  • Create an original dance that correlates to the mood of the song (ex: happy song means a happy dance, etc)
  • Translating key words from song lyrics into dance movements

The students will be graded holistically on these criterion as groups, though individual contributions will be taken into account, and this will be a part of their summative assessment for P.E. this term.

Of course, we do not expect the student performances to be perfect and mistakes will be made, but we are also looking for hard work and positive attitude as key factors that will affect their performance.

As an example of a good group performance, the students watched the music video for “Storm” by Korean band M.A.P6. The students analyzed and discussed their observations about how the members of the band used music and rhythm to time their movements and how different members were following the cues of the leader.

The students were also exposed to a variety of cultural music, and observed how different cultures use music in their lives.

I would like to wish the students luck on their performances in two weeks.


Ms. Heer