Sample Lesson Plans and Materials

Because I believe in collaboration among teaching professionals as well as students, I thought I would share some of my favourite lesson plans!

1. Sonnet Symptoms (Grade 12 English)

This was a lesson that I used while teaching a block of my Grade 12s at Elgin Park Secondary during my short practicum. The lesson is intended to re-introduce and review sonnets, a form of poetry that was partially related to their unit on Hamlet. I have included both the lesson plan and the mini-lecture, as a PDF and Power Point, respectively.

Lesson plan

Mini-Lecture (This link will take you to an attachment page a link to directly download the Power Point onto your computer.)

2. Creative Writing – Short Narratives (Grade 12 English)

For the first week of my full teaching load during my extended practicum, I taught my newly acquired block of Grade 12 students creative writing. The students worked collaboratively with the teacher and their peers to brainstorm ideas for setting, character, etc. I included my introductory lesson in a PDF file below:

Lesson plan