As well as teaching within a classroom, setting I have also taught as a tutor and at various alternative settings, such as the Burns Bog Conservation Society. (You can find out more about my experience at the Bog here.)

Currently, I work as a teacher at Sylvan Learning Centre, concentrating on English reading and writing, but also as a Mathematics instructor. Most notably, I was also given the opportunity to work with French Immersion students in writing and homework support.

Previously, I worked as a private tutor for Lernit Tutoring Services, a tutoring agency based in the Surrey and North Delta area of Greater Vancouver. My experience working with Lernit expanded my understanding of techniques and strategies utilized to teach English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners.

In the past, I have also worked in the Kwantlen Learning Centres in both Richmond and Surrey. At the Learning Centre, I taught post-secondary students across disciplines – including students attending Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.Similarly, as a tutor, I am able to work with various age groups and skill levels – ranging from elementary to post-secondary.

I enjoy working as a tutor because it enables me to create an individualized lesson plan for each student, and continue to hone my teaching practices.