Student Feedback

This page is dedicated to student testimonials and feedback on teaching and past lessons. All of the feedback I collect is anonymous – unless the students choose to write their names on the form – students can either use a penname or abstain from writing a name altogether on feedback forms.

I encourage honesty when it comes to feedback, because I believe in using the student feedback to improve upon future lessons.

Below are some quotes from sample testimonials that I have received from past Grade 12 students on a poetry unit that I taught during my practicum at Elgin Park. (When asked if their feelings towards poetry had changed by the end of the unit, the overwhelming response from the class was positive – a sharp contrast when one compares it to the groans and eye rolls at the start of the unit from nearly half of the students.)

“I started to like poetry a little bit more after discovering that there is also a more humorous and light-hearted side to it.”

“There are a lot of types of poems – it’s funny. Every poem has its own feeling.”

“Still love it. I enjoyed using creativity. I enjoy telling so much in such few words, story telling, etc. Still love it!”

“I feel slightly better about poetry.”

To look at the original feedback forms with all questions and responses as they were written by the students themselves, click here for a PDF file.

Finally, at the end of my practicum, I was overjoyed to receive a Thank You card from my Grade 10 students, to whom I taught both the Romeo and Juliet (drama) unit and the Short Narratives unit.

Thank you card

If you are a current student who would like to share a reflection on a lesson or classroom activity, feel free to leave a comment below. (Be advised, all comments must pass the moderator’s test before they can become public.)

Thank you,

K. Heer


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